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[http://www.newmars.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=36<br> Check out the new mars forum]</center>
[http://www.newmars.com/forums/index.php Check out the new mars forum]</center>
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The Velvet Voyage [1]

Sail with winds that will never fail
On voyage west towards suns farewell,
Where shores unseen wait in the pale
With light beyond the blackened swell,

True star guide with slivered Moon
Through sea foam sky in evening sigh,
Midnight burn with heavenly tune
Where waiting shores of Mars do lie.

On ships of metal, men and hope
Through depths unmeasured towards her coast,
“A dream no more through telescope!”
On waiting shores of Mars we toast.

Journey seen through these dreaming eyes,
Till dreams do sail through empty skies.

by Clark
The Journey of Conception

Come all and explore
Future and Past
Ideas to last
A Wiki like none Before

The dream of Birth
On a world of dirt
Red to green earth
With footprints we flirt

A short stay is okay
But better is one way
From conception to birth
Is a one way track from earth

by John Creighton

A Warm Welcome to the New Mars Wiki!

The New Mars Wikipedia does not intend to become yet another bland Wikipedia ripoff. Instead, here you will not only find hard facts about Mars, but also various forms of fiction, poetry, philosophy and much much more.

For contributors:

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