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This is the wiki page for the Tsiolkovsky Compendium Project. The point of this project is to create a detailed engineering database for the engineering details of certain aspects of space exploration. These must be well sourced, providing reputable sources of real engineers. It is okay to put your own work or estimates in, however you must be explicit when you do so. One's own work is anything not constrained exactly by simple physical laws with no estimation involved.

This information should be posted the best way that the Tracer's wiki-code skills allow. I suggest a quick read of one of the relevant wikipedia entries.

Each page edited by a Tracer should be put in the category Tsiolkovsky Compendium. This can be done by putting the text:

[[Category:Tsiolkovsky Compendium]]

At the bottom of the page.

Our first project is finding specific engineering information about Mars Direct. If anyone can find the specific masses of all of the components that would be very helpful.