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Libraries and Catalogs

The following are online libraries, which allow free online access to complete textbooks and other works, as well as library catalogs offering specific services such as interlibrary loan.

  • The Internet Public Library This offers a library of online books and is one of the better website pathfinders currently available. It's one of the many daring attempts to catalog the Internet.
  • The Gutenberg Project One of the first online libraries, the Gutenberg Project specializes in out of print and copyright expired works, including an extensive fiction collection.
  • University of Pennsylvania Online Textbooks Library Probably the oldest online catalog, the UP digital library project has been compiling lists of online textbooks since before they converted to the World Wide Web. Their database of links is extensive enough that it can be used as a very effective search engine for online textbooks.
  • Ibiblio.org An online library, they also have an extensive internet catalog.


The following textbooks are available for free download over the internet. Downloads may be complete or separated by chapter, but the entire contents of each textbook are available free of charge.