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User Profile for Mweiss

Moishe Weiss

Phoenix, Arizona

United States


I am interest in anything related to science and technology, but mostly things with near-term application. For example I am not really very interested in faster-than-light travel, since we have no tested theories on how that might be done. I am very interested in interplanetary travel and nuclear power, because those are the items most immediately on our horizon.


Associate Degree from Phoenix College (with high distinction). Major in math. Associate Degree from DeVry in Electronics and Computer Technology. Bachelor Degree from Excelsior College (magna cum laude) in Computer Information Systems.


I worked my way through college working mainly in libraries, first at DeVry and then with the City of Phoenix. Since then I have been a substitute teacher for the Phoenix Union High School District. I started doing this as a temporary source of income while I looked for a job in the computer field, but it has turned into a long-term job instead.