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The Earth is the spherical body which all countries lie on it's surface.


Gaia the Greek god of the Earth and the sea is another name for Mother Earth. Environmentalists have adopted the word Gaia in order to personify the Earth with motherlike qualities. This attaches a greater emotion to phrases like, “violate the Earth”. There's also the Gaia theory, developed by James Lovelock, which says the biosphere is in essence self-regulating.

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The Greek mythology of [Gaia].

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Facts about the Earth from the nine planets.


Gaia’s Lover

My Mars, distant Mars!
I call to that great empty sky of night,
Words nearing where I may never tread.
My Mars,
Ruby lipped lover lounging
In pale sanguine umber skin
Light and lithe in dance
Among those shifting glittering incandescent sands
Soft wailing lost in moonbeams
And the long empty space between-
Mere distance measured in miles in millions,
No further than a dream.

by Clark