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A manned expedition to the planet Mars is an idea which has long been a mainstay of science fiction. Several serious proposals for real Mars expeditions have been presented as well. A manned Mars expedition has been promoted by the Mars Society since its inception, and has been proposed by various people since before the beginning of the Space Age.

Proposed Mars Expeditions

A complete count of the people who have stated "We should send people to Mars", studied methods & technologies that could be used to accomplish that end, and even attempted to raise money to fund such an expedition, would be well beyond the scope of any single online article. Arbitrarily restricting oneself only to those publicly submitted proposals supported by comprehensive engineering analysis of the entire mission infrastructure (including cost and implementation) shortens the list to a few dozen. Few of these were ever attempted and none was successfully accomplished. However, thanks to the depths of analysis (and in some cases preparations) undergone for each, they could provide an instructive starting point for successful plans.


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