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A scram jet is a hypersonic air breathing vehicle where the air is collected and ignited with minimal change in velocity of the air stream. It is known as the holy grail of aerospace engineering. The fact that the air being collected for the oxidizer changes little in velocity before oxidization occurs, means that the vehicle is able to collect the oxidizer from the atmosphere with less drag than would be typical of a other air breathing vehicles such as (a ram jet and a jet plane).

The vehicle has many applications, including military (see project falcon), space (see X43-A), rapid parcel deliver and 30 minute flights from New York to Tokyo. A scram presents the best hope for cheap access to space because it could potentially produce a SSTO ]]reusable launch vehicle]] with a mass ratio 16 times better than what is possible from non air breathing vehicles.

This is because the mass of the oxidizer (oxygen) is 16 times more than the mass of the reducer (hydrogen). Despite the scram jets superior performance it cannot be used at each point in the flight because it only works at high velocities within the atmosphere. Other methods of propulsion like the ramjet will be required to get the vehicle up to speed and take the scram jet from the upper portion of the atmosphere to space.

Although the majority of the trip in distance is between the top of the atmosphere to LEO by far the greatest energy is spent obtaining orbital velocity as opposed to orbital altitude. Thus the majority of the energy will be given to the rocket through scram jet propulsion and not other propulsion techniques.

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