Space Agencies

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(In alphabetical order:)

Governmental Space Agencies:

CNSA - China National Space Administration - Peoples Republic of China

CSA - Canadian Space Agency - Canada

ESA - European Space Agency - European Union ( European Regional Space Agency )

INPE - National Institute for Space Research - Brazil

ISA - Israel Space Agency - Israel

ISRO - Indian Space Research Organization - India

JAXA - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency - Japan

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration - United States of America

RFSA - Pockocmoc - Russian Federal Space Agency - Russian Federation

Private Space Companies


Armadillo Aerospace

Bigelow Aerospace

International Space Agency

International Launch Services (Lockheed-Martin)

Interorbital Systems

JP Aerospace

Masten Space Systems, Inc.

Orbital Sciences Corporation (OSC)

Rocketplane Limited

Scaled Composites

Sea Launch

Spacecraft Building Company




Historical Space Agencies:



UNOOSA United Nations - Office Of Outer Space Affairs