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The Weitian Calender is a proposed calendar to account for the differences between a year and a mir, a day and a sol, and the fact that it makes little sense to begin the martian calendar with the birth of Christ, as done on earth (that doesn't make much sense here either, but it's too late to change it). The 0 date for the Weitian Calendar is the martian Perihelion directly preceeding the 1976 Viking Probes. That is 6/13/1975, at 12:00 midnight.


In this system there are 25 mHours in a sol. In regular hours, there are about 24 hours and 40 minutes in a sol. There are 60 mMinutes in an hour. There are 60 mSeconds in a minute. Each second is about 98.5% of an earth second. This system works well because there is no need to have the clocks 'stop' at an given time, as in some other systems.


Each Mir is 669 sols long. Although there are 668.5907 sols/mir, this rounds up, and so there are 669 sols/mir.


Each mir is split into 3 periods, each having 220 sols. The extra 9 sols are split up as such: 2 sols between Period 1 and Period 2, 2 sols between Period 2 and Period 3, and 5 sols between period 3 and period 1. The sols in between periods are made to be a sort of holiday, and so there are nearly twice as many around new years. Pic


Each week has 10 days. The names of the days of the week are Faier, Dinakara, Solis, Lewone, Candra, Luna, Mes-Les, Dina, Dies,and Marte. The first three mean Sun, the fourth to sixth mean Moon, the seventh to ninth mean Day, and the last one is Mars in spanish. The 4 languages used are: 1, 4, and 7- Yiddish. 2, 5, and 8- Sanskrit. 3, 6, and 9- Latin. Finally, as already stated, the last one is spanish.


There are 3 weeks in every month. There are 7 months in a period. The one week per period that's left is put at the beginning of the month. The First month in the period always means Red. The second month always means orange. The third means yellow. The fourth means black. The fifth, white. The sixth, purple, and the seventh, pink.

Months in period 1:

  • 1. Rutilus
  • 2. Ignis
  • 3. Crocius
  • 4. Atra
  • 5. Niveus
  • 6. Blatta
  • 7. Palus

-all of the months in period 1 are in latin.

Months in period 2:

  • 1. Rakta
  • 2. Piccila
  • 3. Piita
  • 4. Asita
  • 5. Zuci
  • 6. Dhuumala
  • 7. Paatala

-all of the months in period 2 are in sanskrit.

Months in period 3:

  • 1. Roit
  • 2. Oransch
  • 3. Gel
  • 4. Schwartz
  • 5. Weis
  • 6. Lila
  • 7. Rozewe

-All of the months in Period 3 are in Yiddish.

Leap years

Because every year is .493 days loger than it should be, there are a number of leap year tactics used to counteract this.

  • Every 5 years, 3 days are removed from the time between period three and period one.
  • Every 20 leap years, or every 100 years, only two days are subtracted from the intermediate period.
  • Every 200 leap years, or every thousand years, only 1 day is removed from the intermediate period.
  • Every 800 leap years, or every 4,000 years, a leap year is skipped.
  • Every 4,000 leap years, or every 20,000 years, one day is removed from the intermediate period.

These tactics keep the calendar accurate to over 100,000 years.

Written out

As there are different types of divisions when comparing this calendar to earth's current calendar, the date and time can be written differently.


The time is written in the same way it would be written in Europe. That is to say, if it were the 3rd second of the 15th minute of the 22nd hour, it would look like this:



The Date is written in the YYYY-(P)MM/D format. P is Period, dd is date, mm is month, and yyyy is year. However, if you are going to write it out, for example, in our calendar, 4 December 2007, the format is the same, or dd,mm,yyyy. You do no include the period because you are writing out the month fully. Examples: The shorthand for the the 11th of the month Ignus, in the 10th martian year, would be (1)11=2}10 The formal way to write it: 11, Ignus, 10

Intermediate Period

The intermediate periods are not meant to have dates, but if it is absoloutly necessary, it is written Intermediate #-DD. So the 2nd day of the first intermediate period would be Intermediate 1-2.